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Batteries for Commercial & Industrial Premises

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Building energy storage into your on-site power system

The most cost effective way to use energy from a solar rooftop system is on site, serving your own energy needs and reducing utility bills. However, solar power is inherently intermittent, in that energy can be generated only during the daylight hours, and more is generated when the sun shines brightly. Integrating battery storage into your energy system gives you greater control over how and when your solar energy is used, matching output to demand both on site and on the grid.

Tesla Powerpack energy storage systemEnergy storage can be used in various ways to maximise cost benefits while also helping enhance the efficiency of the grid:

If your energy storage system is large enough, you can even generate revenue from utility companies by providing grid stabilisation services such as demand response, capacity reserve, frequency regulation, voltage control and spinning reserve.

Skyline Solar is accredited to supply and install commercial-scale energy storage systems from Tesla and Mercedes-Benz Energy.

The Tesla Powerpack, for example, is a 210 kWh capacity, 50 kW output (AC) lithium-ion battery pack designed around technology proven over one billion road miles in Tesla electric cars. As a Tesla accredited partner, Skyline Solar can incorporate Powerpack seamlessly into your renewable energy system to provide the functions and services that make sense for your business. Powerpack is fully modular and scalable, so we can give your energy storage system as much capacity and functionality as you require. A brief roundup of notable Powerpack installations around the world is here.

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