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Energy Storage using a Home Battery

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The most cost effective way to use solar energy is in your own home, to reduce your own energy bills. However, solar energy is generated only in daylight — and in greatest quantity when the sun is shining. The times of peak generation do not necessarily match the times when homes use the most energy, so many home solar power systems export a significant amount of surplus energy to the grid. Adding a home battery to your solar energy system allows you to store this energy for later use, for example, during the early evening peak period.

Energy storage also “future proofs” your energy system so that you will potentially be able to take advantage of lower grid energy prices. Smart meters are scheduled to be installed nationwide by 2020. When this happens, it will be possible to charge your battery with low-cost grid electricity at night, and then use it as and when you need it during the daytime.

Skyline Solar is accredited to supply and install home battery systems from Tesla, Sonnen and Mercedes-Benz Energy.

Tesla Powerwall home batteryFor example, the latest version of the Tesla Powerwall home battery system provides 13.5 kWh capacity and 7 kW peak power output from a single wall- or floor-mounted unit (115 x 75.5 x 15.5 mm). Tesla estimates that an 8 kW rated solar installation supported by a single Powerwall home battery could power the lights, electrical sockets and refrigerator of an average three-bedroom house without using grid electricity.

A home battery is a completely automated system that requires no maintenance. You can monitor your solar energy use in real time and even receive alerts when your home battery is preparing for cloudy or severe weather. An option you may wish to consider is solar battery backup, which can protect your home in the event of a grid power outage, keeping your critical circuits running (e.g. lights, Wi-Fi and fridge-freezer).

Skyline Solar can supply new solar+storage systems or add home battery storage to your existing solar power installation. We can also integrate electric vehicle (EV) charging points into the system, giving you greater energy independence on the road and showing the way toward a new zero-emission lifestyle.

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