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Yap Energy

Intelligent car battery can now power a house: YAP Energy system from GSE

  Groupe Solution Energie (GSE), expert and leader in solar energy, has recently patented YAP Energy, a system that allows a house to use electricity produced by a car. The company states that this system can provide up to 38% … Read more »


The history of solar energy

The Sun has always fascinated the human mind. In Ancient times, people used to worship the Sun and built dedicated temples. The stories of the Sun Gods Ra (Egypt), Apollo (Rome) and Helios (Greece) are still famous. However evidence shows … Read more »


Catching the sun, a documentary about the solar energy industry

Global Warming is something we cannot deny anymore. Even celebrities have started to advocate a more conscious, environment friendly lifestyle, while filmmakers are doing their best to show the facts through their films.   Shalini Kantayya is one of these … Read more »

Commercial Solar Panels

 Photo: A 30kWp Solar PV installation, located in Wembley, London. Commercial Solar Projects with Skyline Solar Ltd Skyline Solar Ltd specialise in commercial solar panels for schools, colleges, farms, public and commercial buildings. A typical commercial installation will generate a high return on investment for two reasons; firstly, commercial buildings need … Read more »

Solar panel installation at Rustins

Case Study: Rustins Installs Clean Solar Energy

The Managing Director of Rustins Ltd discovered the benefits of Solar PV through personal experience with his domestic Solar PV system. He realised their warehouse roof had an ideal pitch and orientation of 20 degrees and South Facing for solar panels … Read more »