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Electricity bills rise as “big six” energy companies increase their prices.

It seems like 2017 will be the year of electricity bills increases. After four big suppliers have already announced rises at the beginning of the year, last week, SSE announced that it will put its prices up.

Customers of SSE will see their bills increase by 14.9%, starting from 28th April,  the Guardian writes.



The company justifies the rise by pointing towards the government policies that require all energy customers to subsidise renewable energy and the cost of a smart meter installation programme.

Here’s a list of the main suppliers and their price increases in 2017:

Scottish Power – 10.8% increase starting from 31st March

Npower – 15% increase – 16th March

EDF Energy 8.4% increase – 1st March

E.ON – 13.8% increase – 26th April



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