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What’s really happening to our planet?

People usually choose solar energy for one of the two reasons:  they want to save money on their bills or they are well aware of the present state of the environment and want to use electricity without harming it. If you find yourself in the second category, this post might be of interest to you.

We’d like to introduce you to Tony Juniper’s new book “What’s really happening to our planet?”.

What s Really Happening to Our Planet-book


Tony Juniper is Britain’s most passionate environmentalist and founder of Friends of the Earth. In his new book, he reviews the current state of our planet, analysing how our actions have changed the world forever but also he offers a perspective on what we can do to reverse the damage.

The HRH Prince of Wales joined this project and wrote an impressive foreword pointing out that young people will find this information interesting, but business leaders should read it too.

“What’s really happening to our planet?” offers clear graphics so we can fully understand the connection between the explosion of human population, consumption and the impact on the planet and climate change.

What s Really Happening to Our Planet3

Here are the top 10 facts Tony Juniper lists in his book:

  1. Since the 1950s the world population has tripled.
  2. There are 28 cities with a population higher than 10 million people.
  3. Global energy demand is expected to double by 2030.
  4. Just one-quarter of the world’s agricultural land is used to grow crops, the rest is used to rear animals.
  5. 97.5% of the total water resource is salt water. Of the remaining 2.5% only 1.3% is liquid water of the surface, the rest is locked up in ice and in the ground.
  6. Since the 1900s the consumption of construction materials, metals, fossil fuels and biomass has increased tenfold.
  7. Carbon dioxide concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere are higher than in the last 800.000 years.
  8. 10.000 years ago 99.9% of the vertebrate biomass was comprised of wild animals. Today, 96% of the vertebrate biomass is made up by people and their domesticated farm animals.
  9. The rate of animals and plant extinction is approaching a rate unseen on earth for 65.000.000 years.
  10.  Since 1962 the area of protected habitat has increased 14 times.

Tony Juniper suggests that the world doesn’t need more international environmental treaties, but rather more people to act more environmentally conscious. He concludes that we should rethink our consumption habits and adopt ecological consumption patterns, practice recycling, eat less meat, and use renewable sources of energy like solar, wind and water.

Source: DK Books 


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