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Black is a new breed of solar system that combines beauty and efficiency to set a new standard in photovoltaic technology.

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A Complete AC Solution

With our high-powered, ultra-reliable microinverters and cutting edge PV modules, Black provides the ultimate AC system.


New Solar PV kits

Discover more about our new Skyline Solar PV kits, which offer everything you need in one quick and easy-to-install package.

prices start from just £995.00

Don't require a full kit? Browse our full range of products and components below.


Mounting System


Photovoltaic Module

Our Product Range

Our solar PV systems are suitable for installations of all sizes – from modest homes to large commercial buildings to ground mounts and solar farms – and we tailor each system to meet your specific requirements. We partner with the most advanced manufacturers to offer our customers the most powerful and reliable technology, ensuring you get the most out of PV.


Black solar PV systems blend into your roof’s surface to complement your building’s aesthetics. Read more

Everything about Black is crafted to be inconspicuous. With each component from the aluminium frame to the fittings in black, our system’s smooth lines effortlessly harmonise with your roof.

Black sets the standard for streamlined engineering. The modern construction eliminates the complex series of connections traditional solar systems require. The result is sophisticated but simple, with efficient performance and straightforward installation.

  • Subtle black hue integrates with the surrounding roof
  • Black frame ensures a smooth finish
  • Highest quality mounting system is anodised black for a completely unobtrusive appearance


Black uses cutting edge technology to generate maximum electricity. Read more

Every aspect of the Black system is engineered to achieve the greatest energy harvest – even under the most extreme light and weather conditions. With its streamlined architecture, Black offers a higher power output at a reduced cost, making it one of the most cost-effective solar PV solutions available. The result is greater savings on energy bills, lower carbon footprint and greater income from feed-in tariffs for a higher and faster return on investment.

  • Efficiency rates of up to 98% with innovative PV and inverter technology
  • Elevated energy harvest through superior kWh/kW ratios
  • High-specification PV technology generates more power from a smaller surface area
  • Outstanding lower light performance that is ideal for the cloudier weather patterns common in the UK


Black is in a class by itself when it comes to solar PV that lasts. Read more

Black solar PV systems boast an industry-leading lifespan, continuing to generate electricity for more than 30 years. With a complete system tailored to make the most of your conditions, this means that Black continues to provide utility bill savings even after feed-in tariffs have ended. And with our pioneering module and inverter technology Black continues to perform reliably at a high level, delivering outstanding efficiency and energy harvest decades down the line.

  • Warranty of up to 20 years on components – 100% longer than standard systems
  • Unmatched uptime guarantee with 99.8%+ system availability
  • Virtually zero maintenance, with panels naturally cleaned by wind and rain providing they are set at an angle of at least 30º


Whether it’s a completely new installation, a retrofit or a solar farm, Black is up and running in record time. Read more

Black solar PV systems are bespoke to your installation requirements and arrive fully assembled and ready to mount. They can therefore be fitted in days without any major disruption to your operations or existing power supply. Only fully qualified experts are involved from start to finish, and you have the ongoing support you need once your system is generating electricity.

  • Large installations can start generating electricity even before the deployment is complete
  • Optional real time data collection and remote monitoring features allow you to track financial and energy savings
  • Unsurpassed security with anti-theft devices fitted in the mounting system
  • Full traceability on all inverter systems should they be lost or stolen