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Solar Case Studies

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Features and benefits of solar PV projects

Recent solar case studies from Skyline Solar demonstrate some of the features and benefits of rooftop PV installations.

River Island — West London, Milton Keynes + 4 other locations

Skyline Solar case studies: River Island Chelsea House

The Skyline team had to install a large number of solar modules on a comparatively small and irregular roof area. This meant modules had to be mounted at different angles, and some were partially shaded from the sun. In a typical rooftop system, when one module suffers reduced performance due to shading, so do all the others connected to it. Read more >>

Rustins — Cricklewood, North London

Skyline solar case studies: Rustins

Rustins has plenty of free rooftop space at its Cricklewood site and had become aware of the potential benefits of a solar PV installation. However, the company was reluctant to invest in solar across its entire roof area until it had witnessed the benefits first hand. Its preference was to try a smaller system first and monitor its performance. Read more >>

Skyline Roofing — Hanwell, West London

Solar case studies: Skyline Roofing

Because the pitched roof rises to 25 metres above ground level, scaffolding or cranes would have been required to install the edge protection necessary to prevent people or objects from falling off the roof. This would have been disruptive to neighbouring premises, and costly. Read more >>

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