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What is Solar PV?

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What is Solar PV?

The government has targeted 30% of electricity to come from renewable sources by 2020, and this commitment has led to a boom in demand for microgeneration technologies. By using solar energy to provide electricity for a home or building, users can generate income as well as reduce energy bills and carbon footprint.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are generally roof-mounted, although for larger premises they can also be mounted on the ground or on canopies. We create a tailored package to meet your needs depending on roof situation, building size and power requirements. Solar panels made of photovoltaic cells absorb the sun’s energy. Our panels range from 250 watts to 500 watts – the largest available in the UK – and are suitable for everything from modest homes to industrial buildings to ground mounts and solar farms. The inverter then takes the solar energy and converts it into usable electricity.

We deliver everything as a complete package ready to install – including all fixtures and fittings – meaning you don’t have to waste time or money sourcing additional labour or parts.